Why don't you want people to go to Disneyland/Disney World?

We don't want people not to go there. Heck, we've been to both resorts ourselves. We just want people to be able to make a calm, informed decision not to go there if that works better with their financial situation.

Why do you hate Disney so much?

Who says we hate Disney? We love 'em! Heck, if it wasn't for Disney, we'd be out of business!

How much does your service cost?

That's the best part -- Rat Trips' services are completely free! We do this entirely out of the goodness in our hearts!

Can't I actually make money by going to Disneyland and then suing them?

You can try it, but believe us it's far more difficult than it sounds. Disney's lawyers have seen all of the tricks (including the "I slipped on the damp stairs and hurt my back" one), and they'll keep you in court so long that you'll end up taking a couple of free passes to DCA and be happy about it.

Our advice -- don't even try it.

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